Artist Bio

As far back as I can remember I’ve always been captivated by beautiful glass work. So it’s no surprise that years later I am drawn to this art form. For several years I worked with stained glass selling at craft shows and custom orders. After one long and exhausting show I decided to take a temporary break. On a whim, I took a short class in lampworking. The moment I first melted glass in the flame of a torch I was totally mesmerized and so began my next adventure with glass. It will always be a continual learning experience and my one regret is that I didn’t find this craft earlier in life. But I am grateful to have the freedom and time to explore it now. I never really know if the torch gods will be kind or not on any given day, but it’s always exciting to open the kiln and see what treasures may await.

The beauty of Hawaii provides colorful inspiration from the blue Pacific Ocean, Koolau Mountains, and gorgeous tropical flowers. I am blessed with my husband’s support and encouragement and the time to follow my dreams.

I would also like to introduce you my furry work crew…, Noel (Maltese) and Summer (Bichon). All animal lovers, and I know there are many of you, know the joy and unconditional love these wonderful creatures provide. Our life is far richer by sharing it with them.


“Demi, Noel, Mia” (Demi & Mia have crossed over The Rainbow Bridge)

“Demi, Noel, Mia”
(Demi & Mia have crossed over The Rainbow Bridge)





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